5 Awesome Benefits of Fitted Wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes are becoming increasingly popular in many bedrooms throughout Birmingham and beyond. The main appeal of fitted wardrobes is that they save valuable space and optimise the existing space you have. The problem with freestanding wardrobes is that they have to be placed against a wall or in a corner which usually leaves gaps either side or above your wardrobe. 

No matter how small the gaps may be, you will be wasting precious space and your bedroom may appear smaller due to the bulkiness of a freestanding wardrobe. Fitted wardrobes will not only give you more room to store your belongings but they also make your bedroom appear more spacious and organised.

Here at Bespoke Cabinetry, we are proud to provide our customers with beautiful high-quality fitted wardrobes. With a wide choice of different styles, sizes, colours and storage options, you can have the perfect fitted wardrobe which suits all of your individual needs.

Bespoke Fitted Luxury Chelsea Walk-in Wardrobe

Bespoke Fitted Luxury Chelsea Walk-in Wardrobe

Benefits of Fitted Wardrobes:

Additional Space

One of the main reasons you should invest in a fitted wardrobe is the additional space. Your fitted wardrobe can be filled from corner to ceiling so that no space is wasted. This also gives you extra storage as you can fill the entire height of your room with your belongings. No matter what the size or shape, a fitted wardrobe can be modified to fit into right spaces and awkward corners which can be highly practical and efficient.

High Gloss White Loft Wardrobes

Suited to all Budgets

Fitted wardrobes are available for a variety of different budgets. There are many fitted wardrobes to choose from and the team here at Bespoke Cabinetry will work closely with you to determine which fitted wardrobe will fall within your preferred budget. Price ranges vary depending on sizes and storage needs but you are sure to find something you love.

Bedroom Wardrobe Storage Units

Storage unit in bedroom wardrobe.

A Good Investment

A fitted wardrobe is a good investment for your home. This is because it counts as additional storage and nowadays storage is increasingly sought after. If you decide to sell your home, then a fitted wardrobe can be very appealing to buyers and will attract more interest. It will also save buyers from the stress of having to move home with a heavy freestanding wardrobe. If you don’t plan on selling, then a fitted wardrobe is a good long-term storage solution which will serve you well for many years.

Custom Bedroom Wardrobe Sections

Custom Bedroom Wardrobe Sections

Strength and Durability

Undoubtedly, fitted wardrobes are a lot stronger, sturdier and durable compared to a freestanding wardrobe. If you have children or pets in your home, there is always a risk that a freestanding wardrobe could topple onto them if they try to climb on it or move it around. This will simply not happen with a fitted wardrobe as it is fully secure. There is also less risk of injury from doors and hinges becoming loose as many fitted wardrobes are made from high-quality materials and fittings. The durability of a fitted wardrobe will ensure that your wardrobe is not only safer but also built to last a lifetime.

Hinged Wardrobe

White Gloss Custom Hinged Wardrobe

Tailored to Suit your Lifestyle

A fitted wardrobe can be built to suit your personal lifestyle needs and requirements. From shoe racks for the avid shoe collector to trouser racks and hanging rails for your collection of formal wear, you can have your fitted wardrobe tailored especially for you. With different shelving, racks, drawers and doors to choose from, you can store, display or even hide away your clothing and belongings exactly how you want to, the only limit is your imagination.

A fitted wardrobe is a beautiful and practical investment for your home. It is stylish, efficient and saves valuable space for comfortable and functional living.

If you would like to know more about our fitted wardrobes, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Bespoke Cabinetry Ltd. We will be happy to give you friendly, expert advice and help you to get started on your fitted wardrobe project. We look forward to hearing from you.

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